How will I stay organized after the project is complete?

The systems and methods introduced by the Neatsmith should make the process of staying organized quite simple. Assigning a home for your items in a functional location should make clean up a cinch! We will always follow up with you after completion, to make sure things are going according to plan.

How does pricing work?

Each project has a different set of needs. All projects are bid based on estimated time to complete as well as any materials purchased by the Neatsmith

Will you make me throw away all of my things?

No. We are here to help you organize your items that are useful, have sentimental value and are aesthetically pleasing! Everyone (including myself) holds on to items that no longer serve a purpose in their lives, so the Neatsmith’s goal is to help you realize which items serve a purpose and which items are creating clutter and clogging the energy flow of your space.